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Vehicle Classification

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All racers and passengers are required to wear any Snell certified Helmet.


All Racers are to self certify their classing and any questions or reviews of classing are at the discretion of Nitty Gritty RallyX staff and scrutineers.


All vehicles must have proper working brakes, battery tied down, and vehicles must be in good working order ready to throw dirt in a safe manner without causing damage to themselves, the track, staff, or other participants.


Stock Class


Stock Rear Wheel Drive = SR


Stock Front Wheel Drive = SF


Stock All Wheel Drive = SA


Stock classes are intended for vehicles who have little to no modifications to the vehicle from the original equipment manufactured and installed.


Modifications that are allowed in stock class are the use of all tires except for purpose built rally or off road tires.  Winter or all season tires are allowable.


Any air filter including cold air intake is allowable as long as no engine tuning or ecu modification for enhanced performance has occurred.


Suspension must be the stock or equivalent to suspension.


Interior must be intact as it was from the manufacturer.


It is allowable to remove spare tire in order to aid in the loss of weight for the vehicle.


Stock exhaust or equivalent to must be present.


Prepared Class


Prepared Rear Wheel Drive = PR


Prepared Front Wheel Drive = PF


Prepared All wheel Drive = PA


Prepared class is intended for vehicles that have some modification but do not reach the level of a fully prepped race vehicle.  Modifications are allowable to a certain level to enhance vehicle performance.  With a summary such as suspension upgrades, engine performance upgrades, and some weight reduction upgrades.  


Aftermarket intakes and exhaust are permitted along with the supporting engine modifications.  Engine must be the equivalent to what came in the original factory installation.  Engine tuning or flashing is permitted, as long as factory sized pieces are utilized.  For example: the same turbo size, supercharger, carburetor etc.


Changes to differentials and transmissions are allowable for example Limited Slip upgrades are allowed..


Vehicle body modifications such as downforce wings, cooling vents or scoops are allowed.  The drilling of holes with the purpose of weight reduction on the vehicle are not allowed in this class.  


Drivers may remove rear seats, but front driver and passenger seats must remain as well as interior pieces such as door cards.  A fully stripped interior would disqualify a vehicle from this class.


Suspension upgrades such as sway bars and coil overs are permitted within this class.  As long as mounting points have not been changed from the stock geometry.


Any DOT tire or rally competition tire is allowed in this class.


Modified Class


Modified Rear Wheel Drive = MR


Modified Front Wheel Drive = MF


Modified All Wheel Drive Naturally Aspirated = MA NA


Modified All Wheel Drive Turbo/Supercharged = MA TS


The Modified Class is designed for heavily modified street cars or complete race cars.


If your interior is stripped you are in this class.


If you have upgraded to an engine bigger, better, badder than the original manufacturer setup you are in this class.


If you are a race car you are in this class.


If you built a frankenstein fire breathing machine you are in this class.


Hey are you still reading this?  You are probably in this class.


UTV Classing


Stock NA AWD = SA


Stock NA 2WD = S2


Stock Turbo AWD = STA


Stock Turbo 2WD = ST2




Any modification made to a UTV to enhance its performance automatically qualify you for the Prepped Category.


Prepped Na AWD = PNA


Prepped Na 2WD = PN2


Prepped Turbo AWD = PTA


Prepped Turbo 2WD = PT2

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